Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Goals for 2015

One thing I've noticed this past year is my bad habit of wasting time.  Wasting time is so easy to do in the era of social media.  Scroll through Facebook and you will find endless articles, video clips, and conversation to lose yourself in.  Before you know it, it is 2:00 pm and you are still in your night clothes, the kids need to be picked up from school, yesterday's dishes finished before making dinner, and you realize your little home schooler hasn't had lunch! So you rush about trying to catch up and you feel like a "loser mom."  

So, this year I want to utilize my time more wisely.  Spend more time on the things that matter.  Set a specific time aside to read those books I long to finish. I can clean while listening to that sermon or pray.  I really don't need to check Facebook to see if I have any other updates.  Instead of having my social needs met through internet, maybe I should go and sit with others in the nursing home making an eternal impact.  Or actually pick up a phone and talk to a live person, this terrifies me!  We've lost the art of community.  I would love to invite people over for dinner more often.

So this year I'd like to be a better steward of the time that God has given me.  Breaking those addictions are hard but so worth it!  This is a simple post today but I really need to get moving.  I searched for a song to accompany this post and God gave me the PERFECT one!



  1. Amen, Kate. I need to steward my time better, as well. Social media is such a vortex that sucks you in. I am grateful for your reminder that time is precious, and time spent serving others is never wasted. Thanks so much for linking up with us today. Please join us on Friday at Grace & Truth Linkup.

  2. Same here, Kate. Amen! Squandering precious time is my Achilles' heel. Same as Leah said Social Media is a vortex! Hoping to make some progress this year! Thank you. Blessings.

  3. Oh my word, you and me both. One thing's for sure, wisdom and godliness and a life that nourishes others doesn't come by spending hours a day on social media. So let's kick this bad habit to the curb, friend!

  4. Oh boy can I relate. I tend to get caught up in things that should be on the bottom of the to-do list quite often.

  5. Precise and to the point! Great reminders. Now I need to get going!