Tuesday, September 30, 2014

"My Kind of Town"


I LOVE my city, was born here, raised here, and we're raising our kids here.  So many people around the country make fun of Midwesterners, they say we never go anywhere or move.  Reasons why? Not sure, maybe it is because the Midwest has so much to offer.

Sure, I love to visit out west, go east, and travel down south.  But there's no place like home!  For many years, my husband and I would dream about moving rural, have fresh air to breathe, beautiful scenery, and fields for the kids to run.  It was a dream for a long time.  We prayed much about it.  We looked.  We prayed and looked again.  Something in both of us said, "no, it's not time."  So we stayed.

At times that longing would come back, but we both knew we needed to follow God's leading, so here we are and here we stay.

                             I love my city of Chicago, it is my kind of town.

Where else can you buy the best hot dog or Chicago pizza?  You can find every people group from around the world!  Ever visit The Moody Church?  Lots of Christians say being in the service is like a taste of heaven because every nation is represented, I have to agree!  Ethnic restaurants? We have them.  Museums, beautiful parks, Orchestra Hall, Auditorium Theater, Lyric Opera House, Navy Pier, Children's Museum and so on. Lincoln Park Zoo with Polar bears swimming?  Here you go!

We have a lake that looks like an ocean.  If you want the Indiana Dunes, 45 min. away, it's like being on an island, ah.  On a clear day you can look 25 miles across and see Downtown Chicago.

O.K., we do get A LOT of snow and I am still recovering from last winter. 

But we'll get through it, we have LOTS of firewood stacked.  And if it didn't snow like this, where else would my husband and boys camp?  Yes, they like to camp in a tent, in the winter with NO heat.  It's a survival man thing.  Us girls stay home where it is warm.  This is only 1.5 hours away.  

And when you get sick of that, there is always summer's return.

Feeling so blessed that this is my town!