Monday, October 14, 2013

Grace Like Rain

Grace Like Rain falls down on me, continually in abundance. Whether we acknowledge it or not, that is reality.  It is a choice, a choice to let the rain fall down and absorb into our being, or to deflect and ignore it.  Years ago I started this journey to absorb more of Him, the journey to freshen my faith, to seek Him with all my being.  It has been an amazing journey to find MORE of the grace of God, to find MORE God in this grace.  Recently, I prayed for music where I could worship Him in deeper ways.  A couple of weeks ago God answered my prayer.  A ministry posted the song, "Sovereign Over Us," sang by Aaron Keyes.  I fell in love with his worship music.  His song, "Grace Like Rain," in the above video says it all about the Christian life, it is our foundation.  Grace Like Rain falls down on me---Hallelujah---that is all we need!

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